Today’s post will be fairly short, but in it you’ll learn what it takes to cultivate effective marketing strategy. Markets change, customers’ tastes evolve, technology progresses – using the following 3 skills your marketing strategies will evolve with markets and you’ll continue to succeed.

  1. Listen – We never learn more about creating effective marketing strategy than when we get input and insight from our customers. Set up listening posts to paying attention to trends in your industry, as well as, industry leaders.
    (More about tools in later articles, but I recommend looking at Hootsuite to setup keyword searches.)

    1. Use Twitter searches
    2. Set up Google Alerts
    3. Analyze follower comments
    4. Follow competitor & industry content
  2. Measure – Before you implement a single marketing effort be sure you can measure the funnel. How will you know if your marketing strategy is effective, if you don’t measure it? My rule is 80% measurement 20% action. (Look up the Pareto Principle.) What should you measure? Here are a few ideas:
    1. Conversions
    2. Engagement
    3. Movement through your site (This is the hardest, but I have a method that combines email marketing and KISSMetrics that gives amazing data.)
  3. Test – With out action your’ll never be sure if your ideas are part of an effective marketing strategy. The best data is real data from the from the real world. So put something out there, try new things often and when possible A/B to get even more insight into the market. Ideas for testing:
    1. Split test Email headlines or content
    2. Use PPC ads to test different headlines
    3. Publish different types of content to explore which are most effective
    4. Segment your lists to identify which perform better

Stick to these 3 actions and over time you’ll cultivate effective marketing strategies for your clients or business. How do you test new ideas to add to your marketing?