Most days I ask myself what all or most marketers do:

Am I doing the most I can and is what I’m doing generating the greatest ROI?

Its not easy to answer. I’m finding a better question to answer is, “Is what I’m doing better than what I’m doing last year, last month, last week?

That’s why I’m documenting my marketing system. I’m hoping to gain 3 major benefits:

1) Benchmarking

Like any scientific experiment there needs to be a control group – that’s the base system. With a baseline measured and consistently executed I can use any extra time to add new efforts (read: tests). The baseline will help me understand if any of the new techniques or strategies I’m testing are worth keeping or eliminating.

2) Focus & Consistency

Some weeks are harder than others to keep focus. New platforms get released, an interesting article may have new techniques I want to test, or something personally may be taking my attention. By documenting the day-to-day efforts, and overall system, I can focus on what I know works and consistently perform.

3) Efficiency

Don’t we all want to get more done in a day? I believe that a repeatable system encourages time savings. It’s similar to the assembly line, you get good at doing and find ways to make it better and faster at the same time. What am I going to do with the extra time? Spend more time analyzing and trying new things.

Where am I going to use this system? I’ll be applying it to my role at Newmind Group Inc., but also as the framework for myPocketMarketing, where we work with small business to improve their marketing. So head over there to explore the final system.