Recently, I had a conversation if a colleague of mine, he’s a marketer too, about a client’s marketing results. This client puts on an event every year and has been having a hard time selling tickets – this is where my friend comes in, he’s an expert at pre-event ticket sales. His process, like most relies on email and website ticket purchases, meaning, the website must convert above all else.

The design house that built the website created a new site this year to do something “visually exciting and different.” I’m a little hazy on the reason for it, but I think it may have been to help re-brand the event as something more exciting and an experience attendees should be a part of.

As you’ve probably guessed the website was not converting. So, what do you do?

The website design that helps you achieve your goals faster is always the winner.

As business owners or decision makers we get bombarded with messages from all angels, but the only one that matters is the one you decided for yourself, your business or your company. If your goal is to sell out an event prior to the event, then all decisions should be made with that in mind.

Sidebar: Even if you’re looking to re-brand – if your website isn’t helping you pay your bills, employees, or yourself, it’s a bad decision and needs to get fixed immediately!

I realize you’re not an expert in everything, I’m not. But, you do know your business goals and you can measure that. So, when you set out to work with someone, even a designer, hold them to helping you reach your goals. If you need help setting up metrics, be sure to read about not setting up vanity metrics, oh and fix that website.

And, for what makes websites work check out this article.