Finding business opportunities (Read: prospects/leads) is all that hard. Just pickup a phone and start calling businesses to see if they want your solution. BUT, find the perfect audience that makes it easy to form a relationship and leads to years of friendship requires focus.

I was recently sitting with a colleague working on this very problem. The question we posed to ourselves was, “Who is our perfect client?”

The answer is mix of subjective elements, mindset and core values, and measurable elements, like industry and company size.

We decided to look at our current clients and identify those which we felt most closely matched our own mindset and core values. When clients match your mindset and core values, working together is easy. Recommendations are accepted, trust flourishes, and an understanding of core competencies emerges. With this list in mind we move toward the objective elements.

You might think that the companies in our list ranged in sizes, and crossed multiple industries. We found the exact opposite. A majority fell into a particular size (employee count) and only a handful of industries.

Once you get here, the rest is easy. Start searching for companies that meet your measurable criteria and get talking to people from those organizations – only then will you know if they fit your mindset and core value criteria.

Tomorrow I’ll jump into some search tactics because I learned a ton about LinkedIn and strategies.