Over lunch yesterday, I was chatting with a friend about social media and how we use different sites differently.

  • Twitter for news and ranting.
  • Facebook for personal connections.
  • Instagram for positive and motivational interactions.
  • LinkedIn for professional networking.

Then we made a realization that soon into the future the only social media platform that might matter is Facebook. Why?

New features

For one Facebook already is the largest social networking platform in the world. Beyond that Facebook has been making moves that seem normal and just innovative on the surface, but may be leading to something larger.

Recently, Facebook has tried to become an ISP in emerging markets. Offering a connection with Facebook as the primary site and a few other sites, mostly news sites & Wikipedia, that probably all have partnerships with Facebook. (It was suggested to me that the smarter move would have been to create a Facebook currency, which I thought was in the works. This would essentially turn Facebook into its own country.)

Like LinkedIn, Facebook launched a content platform for publishers and Facebook users. When coupled with fast loading articles feature and the new canvas advertising option, Facebook has created an environment when users would never have to leave Facebook.

Facebook internet service forces people to only use Facebook. Canvas creates ad experiences around topics users enjoy, but leads them to content & pages published on Facebook, where people can interact, buy, and converse. Hence a contained internet, within the internet.

What does this mean for social & the internet?

Is this a problem for marketers or brands? Possibly, as there is a lack of control over lists, and with they way millennials are not using Facebook or established networks, we may be running to a time where marketing needs to evolve again.

What do you think? Are other social media platforms becoming less valuable?