I’m taking a new tact. I started this site thinking I’d be able to create a deep thinking resource right out of the gate. I’m finding that, at the moment, I neither have the grit nor the discipline to keep to a schedule & consistently create meaningful content. So, I’m going to work on that. The goal it post daily and not worry so much about the perfect content – that should come with time and practice (or so I’m assuming).

What will I be writing about daily? Everything will come from a marketing/professional development point-of-view and I’ll pull from my daily experiences. This could be how I just setup a new Facebook ad campaign and how I’m measuring it, to tracking cross-domain sessions with Google analytics. I may ponder a marketing issue or trend that’s making the rounds on my favorite podcasts, like programmatic, or automated marketing, to old school print and direct response.

Lastly, I’m going to be throwing in some more personal tidbits. I’m super interested in communication, 1-on-1, and nothing would be complete without physical and mental fitness. So, I’ll be updating you on workouts, as well as books & articles I find insightful and why.

With that said…

Today is day 00 of P90x3…the pre-test. I hurt, and I’m hungry. Below are my fit-test measurements.

Everything I’ve read about grit and discipline identifies routine as a proven way to increase both. Kicking my ass every morning to get into physical shape? Sure, why not!

Anyway, I’m excited about getting back into shape. The last time I did a routine it was P90X (the original) and in the first 5 weeks I lost 2 pant sizes and 20lbs. I’m hoping that P90x3 can provide the same results – and the daily routine of workin gout will add to my grit and discipline.

Till tomorrow…

Build Grit - P90x3 Pre fitness test

Featured image: “GRITTING IN PROGRESS” by Paul Downey is licensed under CC BY 2.0